To my darling SELF

My sweet love,
you have been neglected
you have been ignored
you have been dragged

I took you for granted,
A thousand times I obligated you
A thousand times I clobbered you
It’s a shame, I didn’t recognize you

You were there, always,
Waiting for me to see
Waiting to be with me
When no one around, holding me

My precious pearl,
You were all that I ever needed
You were my terror and my tranquility
You were my void and my fullness
You are the compassion and kindness

Let us stand together…

And when we stand together,
I feel the texture of bright yet supple sunlight
I feel that spotless sky… bluer than blue
When we stand together,
We become the very definition of resilience
We become dangerous… A force to be reckoned with


7 thoughts on “To my darling SELF

  1. स्वतः आपल्या बरोबर केलेले गुंजन तथा कबुली .
    सुंदर अणि समर्पक.

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  2. स्वतःचा स्वतःशी साधलेला संवाद नेहमीच उपयुक्त असतो.मी हेच करते.अंतर्मुख होऊन विचार करावा.. सुंदर

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