It is what it is

There is a world beyond this one,Where there are no rules, no barrierThere is a world beyond this one,Where things flow, heart is the carrier That world is less glamorous Yet it feels oh so glorious, It is where the fate has no powerSadness and sorrow seldom hover Flowers bloom all through the year,Strings of [...]


A beautiful thing without a purpose

Sitting here contemplating, All night all day wondering,On long narrow roads wandering,Thinking constantly, what are you? All the while you feel misplaced, You are a feeling that's suppressed,A shadow when the hour is at darkest,A trivial thing you are, causing unrest My abstract self becomes turbulent,Everything feels impermanent,The terror that you bring with you,Doesn't stop [...]

To my darling SELF

My sweet love,you have been neglectedyou have been ignoredyou have been dragged I took you for granted,A thousand times I obligated youA thousand times I clobbered youIt's a shame, I didn't recognize you You were there, always,Waiting for me to seeWaiting to be with meWhen no one around, holding me My precious pearl,You were all [...]

Beautiful Souls of The Hell Valley

Japan is blessed with distinct four seasons. Every season is a perfect symphony of nature's Vivaldi. Listening to the winter I traveled to the prefecture of Nagano. Nagano is blessed with gorgeous mountains; beautiful apples and lots of other fruits. I have been to Nagano before but never in winters. Visiting during summer was whole [...]

Tokyo one day hikes- 3 Mt Mito

Hiking in Japan during summer or rain has it's own advantages. Lush green forests and lesses layers of clothes. The waterfalls are simply beautiful. Sawanobori or the stream climbing is popular sport in Japan. Sawa stands for stream; noboru is to climb. This hike was done in mid July. July is muggy and not so [...]

Just around the corner

After three months of break from blogging starting with an interesting hike I recently did. Sometimes path is so close but you are too engrossed in your own thoughts and fears to notice it... Apart from hiking I have been experiencing this in many situations these days. Finding the path which will safely lead you [...]