A beautiful thing without a purpose

Sitting here contemplating,
All night all day wondering,
On long narrow roads wandering,
Thinking constantly, what are you?

All the while you feel misplaced,
You are a feeling that’s suppressed,
A shadow when the hour is at darkest,
A trivial thing you are, causing unrest

My abstract self becomes turbulent,
Everything feels impermanent,
The terror that you bring with you,
Doesn’t stop my soul crave for you

My charming Tokyo, my Sapporo,
My precious mind, my afterglow,
You ARE soulful and wonderful,
Your heart shatters, it is graceful

Find a purpose, oh you beautiful fool,
A new destination is a mere tool,
Go quiet, let the loud silence speak,
We climb, not just to reach the peak

Pause from craving all the validations,
Pause from wandering, seek directions,
Embrace that childlike self,
it is unapologetically authentic,
Embrace that forgotten self,
which you have left with me


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